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"Memories of The Artists Rifles"
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Battle Honours

Regimental Landmarks 1860-1928.

Part 1 (Pre-War):

Chapter I The Birth of the Artists Rifles,

II The Early Days of the Artists Rifles,

III My Enrolment in the Artists Rifles,

IV Recruit Course and Drill in 1882,

V Ambulance Course & Easter Training,

VI Camp & Signalling;

VII My First Course with "The Guards" ,

VIII Recruit Instruction, NCO School & "Grey Book" ,

IX The Marching Detatchment,

X "F" Company,

XI "Major",

XII "Lieut-Colonel (Pre-War)"

Illustrations to Part I (Pre-War)

Part II - The Great War. Chapter

XIII Mobilization

XI V London Duties

XV The Artists First Crossing

XVI Soup at Helfaut

XVII All Saints' Day 1914

XVIII The First Fifty Officers

XIX The First Sixteen M.G. Insructors

XX Duties in France

XXI Back in England

XXII Officers' School Tidworth

XXIII The Australian Officers' Course

XXIV The Chaplains' Course

XXV The Artists in he Line

XXVI The Home Battalions

XXVII The ARRA and the Artists Rifles Journal

XXVIII The Resuscitation of the Artists Rifles

XXIX The Roll of Honour and the War Memorial

Illustrations to Part II (The Great War)

Part III - Miscellaneous

Chapter XXX Lord Leighton, VD, PRA

XXXI Col Sir Robert Edis, KBE, CB, VD, JP, FSA

XXXII Col Walter C. Horsley, VD

XXXIII Sammy Cowell

XXXIV Jack Smith

XXXV The Drums

XXXVI The Bishop' s Stick

XXXVII "Barossa Day"

XXXVIII The French Nuns

XXXIX The London Motor-Bus Drivers

XL Animals in the Great War

XLI Care of Men

XLII Care of Horses

Illustrations to Part III (Miscellaneous)


Containing accounts, reprinted from "The Artists Rifles' Regimental Journal"

Illustrations to the Appendix